Gatumba: homesick of people affected by flood in last May

One of the major current desires of persons affected by the floods of last May is returning home as soon as their land is dried out. "Life in the camp is very difficult for us. When we were home, we got food from our fields. Our children were not malnourished like today. Moreover, here it is very cold while our houses were a little comfortable, "said nostalgically Kangobeke Judith, a mother of a child with signs of malnutrition.

Though those people affected by floods in last May wish to return to their land, challenges remain. They lack means to rebuild their homes. It will be difficult for those persons to restart their lives of farmers. "Once the climate becomes good and we return home, we will need seeds for the upcoming growing seasons," said the head of Mushasha camp II.

Mushasha camps I and II do not have medical unit. "During the night, when a child gets sick or when a pregnant woman wants to give birth it is seriously difficult for us to reach the health center located in Gatumba city," regrets the head of Mushasha II camp. Those camps do not also have light.

To improve the child health, volunteers from Burundi Red Cross who manage those camps ask to be trained in screening malnourished children. For them, suspected cases are already observable.

When the holiday has recently begun for students, the two camps need a better management of children. Firewood and shovels are also needs identified by people living in those camps. 

Mushasha I and II camps respectively hosts 102 and 303 households.